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Key Benefits:
  • No External Sensors
  • Extremely Fast- Reacts Within One Cylinder Firing
  • Very Affordable
  • Compact size- 2.2" x 1" x 3.4"    (5oz.)
  • Can Easily Be Moved To Other Chassis
  • Better Lap Times / More Consistent
  • Lower Tire Temps / Longer Tire Wear
  • MSD®,HEI, Magnetos, Electronic Points
  • Non Self-Learning


The TMS-750 is our entry level Traction Control system. Whether you are running Late Models, Modifieds, Sprints, Dirt, or Asphalt, Davis Technologies Traction Control can hook you up.

If you are running an MSD®, HEI, Electronic Points, or Magneto, we have a system for you.

These units are great for the budget-minded racer running shorter races where conditions will not change greatly during the race. Racers who are running longer races, or just want the best, should consider the TMS-750-SL

Self-Learning units like the TMS-750-SL automatically adjust to changing conditions.

As always, you can upgrade a TMS-750 to a TMS-750-SL Self-Learning unit at any time for the price difference.


*May not be legal in some series
*HEI, Points, Magneto systems cost $2495.00

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